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the Mercury blog story

Just as planet Mercury's eccentric orbit changed our view of the universe, this blog is named after it with the aim to change the public perception of science as being difficult, mind-boggling and dull.

The Mercury Blog is a journey to the frontiers of science, a place where the universe unveils its grandeur and beauty, and a bridge for everybody to understand the marvels of technology. Here, we communicate science and technology, we share the stories of those who came before us, and we join each other in imagining our future.

This blog is an attempt to convey the magnificence and magnitude of the natural world that we belong to, and the continuous human endeavor for exploration, knowledge and progression. It highlights the value of science communication, and is aimed for raising public awareness towards the importance of curiosity, critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Science is meant to be communicated. It is for everyone to understand the natural world and have pleasure in doing so.
— Samir Jaber, Creator of The Mercury Blog

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Samir Jaber

As a mechanical engineer, a scientific researcher and a content writer, I have lived and learned many exciting facets of science and engineering. I am a science communicator at heart, and I enjoy giving people the pleasure of understanding science, the trigger to develop their critical thinking, and my personal description of the captivating universe.

If I am not here, you can find me reading, playing basketball, skiing, travelling, playing music, partying or having really deep conversations with someone.

Lebanon is my motherland, but Earth is my home.